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Welcome to Polystyle

Polystyle designs all kind of products made of polystyrene, resin, wood, composite and plastic materials towards industrial purposes.
Through our expertise and the latest means of production (or « the latest computer-controlled machinery), Polystyle settles hence as a leading company in the polystyrene designing, shaping and cutting industry. We have the ability to produce spheres, polystyrene letters, objects in unlimited volume size, artificial resin and all kinds of wooden objects from single pieces to large series. We are also able to supply every type of surface coating under a full quadrichromy (CMYK).
Our research department as well as our designers are available to assist you and advise you in every phases of your project process, but also for designing packaging and specific calibrations or some other technical study.

Let us know about your most demanding projects, and we will bring you the solution !