Choice of Polystyrene

.Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
Made of more or less small and tight polystyrene beads related to the density selected, expanded polystyrene ideally suits for large items. We design your items from 3000*1200*1000mm.

.Extruded Polystyrene (XEPS)
It does not contain any polystyrene beads and therefore offers a smoother surface. Mostly used for small items, we start designing from plates 2500*500*200mm.

Only acrylic (water) painting can be applied both on expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene.Even though, we mostly use the RAL color chart, exceptionally we are also able to offer you any metallic colors.
Pictures: painted extruded polystyrene, painted expanded polystyrene

.Polyurethane Resin (PUR)
Unalterable coating increasing strength and durability, ideally used for large items.
There are a wide variety of polyurethane resins allowing to fit any kinds of requests (strength, flexibility, texture, etc…).
Only projected on expanded polystyrene (no projection on extruded polystyrene), this resin reflects an orange peel texture. On this resin all kind of colors can be applied.
Pictures: polyurethane resin on polystyrene and orange peel texture.

.Fabrications spéciales à base de résines composites
Our various molding processes allow us to manufacture all kinds of items with a variety of surface texture and appearances, in order to meet your requirements.
This process is mainly used for the production of items in medium and large series and allows us to the highest valuable services and requests.